Freelance Projectmanagement Ondersteuning

As owner, director, manager or employee, you are responsible for marketing within your organization. You want to make improvements and changes and get more out of your projects, but you don't get around to it or you don't quite get it. There is a good chance that Defreeze Marketing Advies can help you to increase the added value of your projects and processes within the organization together.

Clear plan

Defreeze Marketing Advice always offers the discussed activities in phases and in a modular manner, provided with a clear project or program plan with objectives, owners and a realistic time frame.

Flexible availability

Defreeze Marketing Advies works on a project basis and can be deployed flexibly. That is ideal in any case, but also when there are -temporarily or structurally- insufficient resources available.

Answers to your core questions

Defreeze Marketing Advies onderscheidt drie onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden kernvragen.

What is our goal?

What is our marketing strategy? And why, and what can we do with it? So what are our objectives? And how do we translate these objectives into a concrete annual marketing plan, and who will do this? What does this mean for the collaboration with Sales, Production, R&D, and the other disciplines? What agreements have been made about this? Who is responsible for coordination and coordination?

What do we need?

What information do we need? For what and for whom? How do we get it? And how do we enrich the information into knowledge that can be used immediately, and who can do that? Can we capture, share and reuse this knowledge? Is the information and knowledge easily accessible? Who is actually responsible for the quality of marketing and sales information?

What do we want to achieve?

Do we have a good idea of ​​our customers, potential customers and chain partners? Do we know what we want to tell them? How do we translate that into clear and interesting messages? What do we want to achieve with it? Which channels are we going to use? Are we betting on PR? How can online and offline reinforce each other? How do we introduce a new product? Who is responsible for this?

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My name is Jos de Vries and I am the founder and owner of Defreeze Marketing Advies.

I am an all-round business-to-business marketing specialist with broad local, national and international experience in various diverse business sectors. I get my energy from working with driven professionals in order to realize new business and result improvement together. A project or program gains extra value for me when it is linked to the pursuit of goals in the field of sustainability, inclusion, diversity and sport.

I am curious about our collaboration possibilities and I am always open to an exploratory conversation!